LinkSleeve is a free link spam prevention tool. Comments, submissions, posts, etc. submitted to your site run through our filters, which compare links in these submissions with submissions around the world to throttle spammers.
who we are

how it works
The Concept
There are many forms of link-spam but all rely on a single sticky identifier: The link. Because it is humanly impossible to post thousands of times in an hour to guestbooks, blogs, forums, etc. across the web, link spam is vulnerable to a throttling mechanism. If we could track a large number of posts, we could find and throttle link spam. How do we do that?..

The Method
Unlike many other software-specific spam tools, SLV is universally applicable. It simply takes a bit of text, extracts any urls, checks against a database of recently added urls across the web, and determines if a reasonable threshold has been exceeded. The XML-RPC script returns a 1 for accept and a 0 for reject. This means that any type of web form - whether a post to a guestbook or blog, a forum entry, even an email form - can be protected from link spam.

Key Benefits
  1. No API Key or License Needed
  2. No Confusing Development - Post or XML-RPC
  3. Works with other spam products, the more the merrier!
  4. Integrates seemlessly with any blog, guestbook, wiki, or forum
  5. Monitors by link, not IP - proxies, connection switching, etc. are useless
installation instructions
Installation Options
  1. Pre-Created Modules
  2. XML-RPC Call
  3. POST Method: Sample PHP Code
  4. XML-RPC Call: Sample PHP Code
Pre-created Modules
  1. Achim Winkler Guestbook
  2. 610-233-6825
  3. Fantastic Guestbook
  4. Viper Guestbook
  5. Xeobook Guestbook
  6. PHPBB2
Below is structure of an XML-RPC call to linksleeve, which should be sent to /

POST method via PHP fsockopen()
A very simple integration method.

XML-RPC method via PHP PEAR
The most common interface used is XML-RPC and PHP, although there are simpler options available. Below is sample code.

Thanks again. We have had a problem with people auto-submitting our lead form when fishing for links. It would leave us with 20 fake leads a day. Not anymore!

linksleeve was created and is maintained for free by Virante, Inc., a search marketing firm located in North Carolina which specializes in ethical search practices. We are an SEOMoz recommended SEO company.